- I had such a great day Monday, was completely energized and relaxed at the same time!  I could also tell a major difference Tuesday morning in my yoga class, I felt more focused and could easily slip into the relaxation at the end of the class! - W.H.

- I usually get so nervous before my college exams that I can’t concentrate during the test. Now, I hold my index finger for a few minutes before heading into class and can feel my mind start to relax. My tests have been less stressful and my grades are improving!  - C.B.

- I use the finger holding every night to help me go to sleep and to go back when I wake too early. It is wonderful!  - J.H.

  1. -I wanted to wait to see all of the effects of the session plus to see how it changed my massage and yoga.  My massage therapist said she could tell a difference and I did not tell her until after that I had been able to get in to see you.  I believe I was able to get more out of my yoga as well.  - T.C.

- Actually I had a good afternoon and night.  I was so relaxed after I got home.  My body had not been that relaxed in a long while. I do feel that my breathing is somewhat better.  I was walking more briskly today at work and didn't feel as though I could hardly breathe and didn't feel as tired. I am now a believer in JSJ.  Thank You!  - B.W

- A remarkable tool to have in the healing kit! A peaceful, calming and extremely effective treatment. Migraines, muscle issues, stress - - - you should try it! - S.T.

- I’m tall and my posture has always been an issue; plus I’m on my feet all day at work. Jennifer showed me how to lightly hold my back hip area and it works! I can’t believe it, but I am standing taller and more comfortably with ease. - L.D.

- Jennifer about my periods of weepiness - holding the index finger with my opposite hand is amazing. Just as you indicated, when I feel the overwhelming feeling of "I know I am gonna cry" I perform the holding pattern, within seconds I slowly feel in control again. Thank you! - L.F.

- Good Morning! ...and thanks to you it is a good morning. I have had 2 good nights of sleep. As of Saturday morning I have been panic free. David even commented last night that I just seem so much more relaxed. - C.G.