Classes & Talks  


My goal in teaching and speaking is to empower every individual to unlock their knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu - - something we are all born with. As babies, we sucked our thumb or fingers. As adults we put our hands on our forehead to concentrate or ease a headache. We simply have to remember to utilize this gift to its fullest! Find my schedule of upcoming classes and talks on my blog and my facebook page.

lntroductory “What is Jin Shin Jyutsu? Class

I teach this class in a 1.5 or 3 hour format. We discuss the philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu, learn and experience what an actual session looks and feels like, and practice basic self help. Everyone leaves with self help information to practice at home. A great class for those considering Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, or just wanting to know more. Nursing CEU’s available.

Self-Help Classes

Using Mary Burmeister’s Self Help Books I, II & III, we explore the history of Jin Shin Jyutsu in greater depth. Book I teaches the 3 main Self-Help flows for daily maintenance of the energetic system. Books II is a detailed study of the 26 “safety energy locks” of the body and how to keep them harmonized. Book III continues the study to the relationships of the fingers and toes. I teach this class as 3 individual classes and/or as a 2-1/2 day seminar, Self Help Books included. Nursing CEU’s available.

Speaking Engagements

Please contact me to speak at your next meeting, retreat or support group. I tailor my content depending on your group and interest - -  Immune system support, relaxation, stress relief, etc...

I also speak frequently at the Lexington Public Library.