Articles & News about My Work



Markey Cancer Spotlight

- a wonderful article about my work with patients at UK Markey Cancer Center’s Oncology Clinic.

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The Main Central Newsletter Summer ‘09

- A short article about my work with Hospice patients, staff and children dealing with the loss of a loved one.

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Health & Wellness Magazine - July 2010

Just a Light Touch: by Tanya J Tyler

  1. -Article about Jin Shin Jyutsu and it’s use as an integrative medical therapy with references and quotes from me about my experiences.

Skirt Magazine - April 2010

  1. -The theme of this issue was women who have changed careers.

Hospice Volunteer Article April ‘09

- Information about my work with Hospice patients and their families.


- View the presentation made to the Lexington Cancer Foundation on 9/7/11 about the Markey Cancer Center Jin Shin Jyutsu program.

- Markey Cancer Center now offers Jin Shin Jyutsu

to patients thanks to a  grant from the

Lexington Cancer Foundation Grant!

- 4-4-11 article.pdf about Markey’s Jin Shin Jyutsu program - 4/4/11.